Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Submitting Work

Below the Belt: Gender, Society, and Sex is an ongoing collaborative performance of dynamic voices. We are always adding to our script and we want to give your story a voice!

          We do not draw lines like gender or sexual orientation. We have a cast of actors perform the monologues, poems, and short stories we receive. Sharing stories of body issues, sex, gender, society, attraction, and the grey areas of taboos "down there."

         As always, monologues, songs, short stories, and/or poems related to sex, sexuality, gender, attraction, and anything else "below the belt" will be accepted. No theme too perverse or too tame. Please keep submissions under 1500 words. 

      If you would like to submit work, would like to present a theme that is not included here, or have any other questions about submissions, please email belowthebelt.theatre@gmail.com and we'll clear things up.

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